Bed Systems

GAZOR Bed Systems are the absolute standard when it comes to relaxation and sleep comfort. Using the latest medical information available, GAZOR Wood Works Inc. has designed the perfect bed to provide maximum comfort and support leaving you well rested and refreshed. Most beds today are not meant to support your natural sleep position, whatever position that may be. Most commercially produced mattresses (and box springs) cause painful pressure points during sleep. These pressure points, where the bed forces resistance to your natural weight load, include: the head, shoulders, hips, and knees. This pressure forces the spine out of alignment during sleep. Because of their non-adjustable nature, a regular mattress cannot be customized to best support your personal sleep habits/resulting in poor sleep efficiency. This often leads to aching muscles tiredness, and back pain. GAZOR Bed Systems have eliminated these problems by creating a Sleep Support System, rather than just a bed.

GAZOR Bed Systems utilize wood slats that have been specifically engineered to adjust to form around your body, not to have your body form to them. These wood slat supports have elasticity to bend under the weight of your body, so that your spine is placed in alignment and pressure points are eliminated. Ultimately you feel truly refreshed and relaxed after sleeping on a GAZOR Bed System.

In addition to the technologically advanced engineering of the GAZOR Bed Systems, motorized and non-motorized adjustability of the system is available for an ultimate experience in true relaxation. Motorized GAZOR Bed Systems utilize the finest custom German made motors and hardware and have five fixed pivot points, allowing infinite positional adjustment (using the accompanying remote control). Non-motorized GAZOR Bed Systems have two fixed pivot points that can be adjusted manually to reach the desired sleep or relaxation position. Addition of the imported German made latex mattress completes the system, and leads to the most relaxing sleep you have ever dreamed of.

GAZOR Bed Systems are a great investment for perfect sleep as well as overall health and well being. Because GAZOR Bed Systems can be adjusted, you can choose a position that allows the optimal flow of blood through the body, rejuvenating you as you sleep or relax. We often invest money in so many areas, and yet we do not invest in our own health and comfort. Considering that it is recommended we get an average 8 hours of sleep every night, don't you think that the place you spend one-third of your day deserves to be comfortable and relaxing? You owe it to yourself to sleep in the luxurious comfort provided only by Gazor Bed Systems, the industry leader when it comes to thinking of the customer first.

the GAZOR Bed System with dual mattresses . Each side has individual adjustment controls allowing maximum customizable comfort . This bed has been integrated with GAZOR wall unit night stands & headboard . As with all GAZOR systems , the arrangement can be tailored to your specific designs and needs .

GAZOR bed system with single mattress integrated into a GAZOR wall unit with nightstand and side table .



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