Established in 1945, GAZOR WOOD WORK INDUSTRIES INC. has been an industry leader in the production of a wide range of Kitchens, Cabinets, Office, and Home Furniture for decades. Based on a 32 mm European style frameless cabinetry system, GAZOR Furniture Systems are customizable to fit all of your home and office needs. GAZOR delivers a longstanding tradition of excellence in design, craftsmanship, and performance. Dependable, lasting, and elegant the GAZOR Furniture System is the perfect complement to any home decor as well as a functional solution to all of your specific furniture needs.-

In addition to kitchens and home furnish GAZOR is a pioneer in the production of home and commercial construction Windows and Doors. The GAZOR Engineered Window & Door Systems provide customers and builders with a product that is unrivaled by any competitor to date. The highly engineered double pane window systems provide numerous economical and ecological benefits, based on the production techniques used. The sturdy multi-position locking doors provide true security with style. With GAZOR you are not only purchasing quality, you are integrating beauty, performance and function.

GAZOR Systems are built not only with custom designed hardware, the finest imported raw materials, using the most technologically advanced machinery from around the globe, but with attention paid to every detail along the process. GAZOR WOOD WORK INDUSTRIES INC. adheres to the highest production standards that far exceed the expectations of even the most discriminating customers worldwide. Quality control assures that every product produced is supreme. GAZOR has built its reputation based on these principles.

GAZOR Is Your Window To The Future