Window Systems

1- Using laser guided accuracy, this machine identifies, removes, and replaces every knot and imperfection in the surface of each piece of timber creating a perfect , blemish-free piece , of timber in only 2.5 seconds.
2-Using an automatic feed system, this machine ensures that each piece of raw timber is squared on all four sides simultaneously. This makes each piece of timber identical and ready for each step thereafter.
3-This machine is the highest quality automatic belt sander. It is used to sand each piece of timber and ensure that each side is identical and splinter free.
4-After application of glue, the window frame components are placed in this pneumatic window press to achieve a tight and dependable joint connection.This window press ensures that the window frame joints will not loosen, check, crack, or split.





A first for Iran, and the Middle East, GAZOR has introduced the use of the CNC Manufacturing Machine for the production of GAZOR window frames.This machine quickly and flawlessly produces perfect custom pieces for the highly engineered GAZOR Window Systems. This is only one step in an intense manufacturing process, leading ultimately to the superior GAZOR Window System.

Using the most up to date European airless paint spray applicators, GAZOR Windows are primed with an initial anti-fungal agent, allowed to dry, sanded, and coated with a base coat glaze. After drying, and another fine sanding the final coat of thick-layered glaze is applied . These highly specialized paints are imported from Germany and only available from GAZOR Window Systems.

1-Tilt And Turn System

The GAZOR Window System utilizes all custom German made hardware to allow it to be used in a bidirectional manner. In addition to the normal window swing that we are accustomed to, the unique GAZOR Window also tilts inward for ventilation. This feature is useful for allowing windows to remain open, but to avoid full opening, increasing home safety and security.


2-Tilt And Slide System



Noise Pollution Control

In today's world, people are faced with a variety of stress factors and forms of pollution that contribute to ill health and lack of overall well being. A major, yet little observed, source of this pollution is called Noise Pollution. This is the bombardment of our ears, and ultimately our mental status, by everyday noises. It is a serious problem within our ever growing population because automobiles, trains, busses, airplanes, generators, and even playgrounds produce noise levels well above the 40db limit suggested by doctors as the normal tolerable (healthy) noise limit. The average crowd street intersection, or public park can generate noise levels well above 70 db, almost twice the recommended limit. The long term effect is that these excess noises invading the work or living space seriously reduce our quality of life, sometimes without our conscious knowledge.

GAZOR Window Systems are designed with the customer in mind at all times. Due to the double pane production process that is used exclusively by GAZOR, all air is removed from between the two pieces of glass, which dramatically reduces noise transfer. The GAZOR Window System, therefore, reduces excess noise by at least 40db (a pair of standard foam earplugs reduces 32 db of noise) creating a more enjoyable living experience wherever GAZOR windows are used.

Air Pollution Control

Air pollution is a familiar, yet major, cause of ill health in our modern world. Dust, allergens, and carbon based emissions are the main contributors to this type of pollution. GAZOR Window Systems are designed to reduce 100% of all airborne pollutants (when closed). This is especially important for those who live in large cities, near highways, or in congested areas that are prone to large amounts of air pollution. Other window manufacturers may claim that they produce windows that help reduce or stop pollutant entry, GAZOR Guarantees to ELIMINATE"* it!

Safety & Security

Because of the custom made hardware GAZOR Window Systems utilize, they are not vulnerable to outside attempts to break in. GAZOR Window Systems have strong, reinforced locking mechanisms that resist even the most persistent intruders. Due to the way the dual pane windows are engineered and produced, the glass of GAZOR

Window Systems is shatter resistant, and can absorb most attempts of breakage. GAZOR Window Systems outperform all other windows in many areas, and they are the clear choice when you consider the numerous benefits they provide.

Technical Aspects of GAZOR Window Systems

Elegant, classy, and functional, GAZOR Window Systems provide far greater uses than just looks. GAZOR Window Systems have been designed and engineered to provide the following advantages: Energy Conservation, Air & Noise Pollution Control, as well as Safety & Security. This equates not only to an Economic benefit, but also to Ecological Conservancy.

Energy Conservation

Heat loss/gain through windows is the number one sourcof unwarranted energy consumption in commercial and residential homes today. This is due to the increased need for heating in the winter, and increased cooling required in the summer. This heat loss can be calculated to determine exactly how much is lost, and then can be translated into actual monetary units*. GAZOR Window Systems can prevent up to 60% of this heat loss/gain due to their specific engineering and quality production.

The calculations required to determine the specific heat loss/gain through a normal window can be very shocking when you actually learn them. For example, here we show you the amount of energy saved using the GAZOR Window System when compared to the window you probably have in your own home today.


Equation A
K x Window Dimensions (m2) x Difference in Temperature (inside to outside) x 1 Hour
K= 5 Watts/m2 for glass (K is defined as the Thermal Conductivity Coefficient)
If we would like to determine the heat loss through a window that has the following dimensions: 1.85 m x 1.25 m = 2.5 m2
Supposing that there is a 20° C inside to outside temperature differ

ence, the heat loss through a SINGLE window is then calculated as:
5 Watts/mz x 2.5 mZ x 20°C x 1 Hour = 250 Watt-hour x 3.413 (conversion factor)= 853.25 Btu x 24 Hours = Loss of 20, 478 Btu/day.
Therefore, if you calculate that each 1.2 Mcf (Thousand Cubic Feet, used to equate the average gas bill) of Natural Gas burning at the normal efficiency of 80% produces 1,000,000 Btu, and heat loss through a single window is 20, 478 Btu/day, then you are wasting 1.2 Mcf of Natural Gas every 49 days. Now if you have a 1075 sq ft (100sq m) apartment, there are on average 7 windows of the above size (or more). That means that 1.2Mcf of Natural Gas is wasted every 7 days = 4.8 Mcf of Natural Gas lost per month. The average winter lasts 4 months, so that is 4.8 Mcf lost/month x 4 months = Loss of 19.2 Mcf per Winter season*. This example is for heating alone! In this ecologically minded world we live in today, GAZOR Window Systems not only help reduce your heating/cooling costs, but are also environmentally conscious. Because heat gain is also a problem with ordinary household windows, cooling can be even more expensive than heating due to the differences in the temperature between the outside, and the desired temperature you wish to maintain inside. Overall, GAZOR Window Systems are beautiful, dependable, and are a smart investment for your home as well as the environment.


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